Two-day Seminar on Applications of MATLAB in Engineering from July 13-14, 2018" Read more...

National Seminar on "Applications of MATLAB in Engineering"

"MATLAB Seminar"

About RKGITM - Our mission is Imparting Technical and Management Education with the focus on the process of developing leaders based on parenting than competing and developing new culture of gardening than military campaign. The institute should work as an Ideal Family, the RKG PARIWAR where members co-operate for the development, well being and promotion of each other.

About MATLAB - MATLAB is a large performance language for technical computing, It integrates computation, visualization and programming in an easy to use environment where problems and solutions are expressed in familiar mathematical notation. MATLAB features a family of application specific solutions called toolboxes. To enable an in depth discussion of ideason thisimportant theme we are organizing the National Seminar on "APPLICATIONS OF MATLAB IN ENGINEERING". Each technical session will consist of presentation by eminent invited speakers followed by discussion on queriesof participants.

List of Speakers

Dr . Harish Kumar IIT, DELHI "Finite Volume methods for Tsunami and Hazard Prediction"

Prof Satish Kumar NSIT, DELHI "Some aspects of image processing using MATLAB"

Prof Karmeshu SC & SS, JNU "Algorithms using MATLAB"

Prof. Neeta Singh GBU, Greater NOIDA "Communication Network using MATLAB"

Dr. Neeraj Kumar Gupta KIET Ghaziabad "Adaptive Neural Fuzzy Inference System Using Matlab Network"

Dr. Anurag Singh NIT, Delhi "Solving Coupled Differential Equation and Interactive Plotting in MATLAB"