1st Rank amongst women
Engineering Colleges.

Education Excellence Award 2012.

Ragging Free Campus and 24X7 Wi-Fi enabled hostel

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100% placement of all the past bacthes

W Group of 62 students at IBM, Bangalore

Loan Facility available from nationalized banks.

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5th Rank among all
Private Engineerign Colleges in NCR Region.

CMAI National UP Education Award 2013.

E-Learning centre under the aegis of IIT Bombay & IIT KDP.
Safe Secure and hygienic environmentt
veniam omnis

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RKGIT for Women- UP Education Award 2013

RKGIT for Women is an effort and a first step to enhance and impart the technical education to the Women. Although the group has always remained in the fore front in the field of education, but now in order to encourage the Women, the group has decided to open a new chapter to provide exclusive Institute of Engineering for Women. Girls represent more than half the future work force, but when it comes to Engineering, few get enough guidance and encouragement to consider a career in this field.

In the World of equality, it is a natural question-why should there be gender guided approach for imparting education. India has come out of ancient age and is competing with the rest of the world in many fields including Women literacy. However, in India, there are many social groups which are in sizeable numbers and their socio cultural environment is such that they can excel given the learning environment of their choice where they can have education in tension free environment. Aiming to fulfill this need, the RKG group has taken initiative to open the doors of Engineering Education in an environment exclusively suitable for girls.

We congratulate the following students

  • Anoushka Damir Electronics Communication- RKGITW

    Company Name - Hewlett-Packard -4.60 LPA
    Company Name - IBS Software -3.00 LPA + benefits

  • Aradhna Singh Compuer Science - RKGITW

    Company Name - Futiq Technologies -2.4 LPA
    Company Name - AON-Hewitt -1.8 LPA

  • Azra Sheikh Electrical and Electronics - RKGITW

    Company Name - Airox Nigen Equipment Pvt. ltd. -2.00 to 4.00 LPA

  • Karishma Dhingra Computer Science - RKGITW

    Company Name - AON-Hewitt -2.8 LPA
    Company Name - Interglobe Technology.-1.44 LPA

  • Prachi Tyagi Computer Science - RKGITW

    Company Name - Sirez infosystem Pvt Ltd -1.44 LPA
    Company Name - AON-Hewitt-2.8 LPA
    Company Name - L-KSHYA -2.4 LPA

  • MONISHA Electrical and Electronics - RKGITW

    Company Name - Airox Nigen Equipment Pvt. ltd. -2.00 to 4.00 LPA